Rocking R Lazy T Mules
Welcome to  Rocking R Lazy T Mules, 
     We live here in the Beautiful Jefferson Valley of Whitehall , Montanta where we are in view of five different mountain Ranges just east of Butte Montana about 21 miles.
  This is where we call home.  Our family,  Rick who is my husband and our three boys  Colton, Dyllon and Brennon, and as of late last year our new addition Emrie.
  Raising Mules has been in the family for years, back when Rick raised mules with his dad, with the jack (a son of Black Bart)   "  King James" also known  as KJ.  
Rick wanted to get back into breeding for mules, that's how we ended up with our jack Mr. Bo Jangles.  
     We are now standing  RMS.  WESTDUN a Mammoth duncolored jack
Keep Checking for updates and whats new in the barn.    

Stop on by if your in the area we'd love to meet ya

                                                                          Tara Price

                 Rick and Tara Price
                      contact us at
                   or 406-596-1037
                     Whitehall, Mt
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