Welcome to Rocking R Lazy T Drafts and Mules
Raising Draft Horses and Mules

Draft Horses, Mules and Donkeys are our Passion.

Welcome to  Rocking R Lazy T  Drafts and Mules,      

    We live here in the Beautiful Jefferson Valley of Whitehall, Montana. Where we are in view of five different  mountain Ranges just east of Butte Montana about 25 miles.     This is where we call home with our four children.

        Raising Mules has been in the family for years, back when Rick raised mules with his dad, with the jack (a son of Black Bart)   "King James" also known  as KJ. Rick wanted to get back into breeding for mules.  We are currently standing  Rocking R Lazy T RMS WestDun, a Dun colored Mammoth jack, He is a coming three year old Jack that stands 59 inches already.   This new jack has a wonderful mind and even better disposition.  We ride and drive with him.   We are also enjoying raising our new draft horses, Brabants . So far we have started three new girls, Driving and riding. We sure are  enjoying these gentle giants. 

 We will also be standing at stud a Registered  Blue Roan Brabant Draft Stud. 

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