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Welcome to  Rocking R Lazy T  Drafts     

    We live here in the Beautiful Jefferson Valley of Whitehall, Montana. Where we are in view of five different 

 mountain Ranges just east  of Butte Montana  This is where we call home with our children.

For the  last  few  years  we  have  been  raising mules  and  draft  horses.  after  much  thought  and  pondering ,  we  have  changed  our  

breeding  program  and  unfortunately  we  will  no  longer  be  raising  mules,  or  donkeys.  we  will instead  be  raising   Brabant/Belgain  draft  horses,  and  also draft  crosses  The draft  horses  we   have  

chosen have  a  very  calm  disposition and  they  make  great  riding  and  driving  horses.  

For  pleasure  or  for  field  work,  not  only  are they  very  versatile,  they  are  very beautiful  in  their  many  colors.

  The  horses  we  raise  are  Blue  Roan,  Bay  Roan  &  Red  Roan.  

  We  are  enjoying raising our new draft horses  the  Brabant/ Belgian’s. So  far we have started four new girls, driving,

 and riding.  We  have  also  added new  horses  into  our  breeding  program.  We sure are  enjoying these gentle giants. 

 We will also be standing at stud a Registered  Blue Roan Brabant/Belgian Draft be  sure  to  visit  the  babies  page   to  see  the  horses  we  are  raising.  

Thanks  for  stoppoing  by  and  visiting  our  site.  


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