our up and coming stock

Blue Roan Draft horse Stud

Our new up and coming Stud “Oakley”

Oakle is a double registered Brabant Blue Roan. He is registered with the America Brabant Association and is 75% European Brabant. He is also registered with the America Belgian Corporation. In this picture Oakley is only a yearling.  Even at this age he is a tank.  We are looking forward to seeing what he matures in too.

Blue Roan Draft Horses Brabants

Our up and coming Girls

Nickel and Dime our new and up coming girls. These girls are double registered also  with the American Brabant Association. Dime is 50% and Nickel is 85% European Brabant, and they are also regular with the American Belgian Corporation.

Blue roan Brabants

We are looking forward to starting these girls

Nickel  and  Dime  are  only  yearlings  but  we  look  forward  to  starting  them  for our future  team.  These  girls have  great  dispositions  and  are  looking  to  make  a  great calm,  and  flashy  team.